A virtual merchant in virtual world Second Life is launching a veryreal lawsuit against custodian Linden Lab, claiming the company hasturned a blind eye to other virtual merchants selling counterfeitversions of his virtual products, Wiredmagazine reports.

Eros LLC claims Linden is ignoringramapant ripping off of its line of (wait for it) virtual adultnovelties, according to non-virtual lawyers for founder Kevin Alderman.

Eros'sSexGen product line includes virtual beds and rug that allow virtualworld residents to do virtually naughty things to each virtual other.Exempli gratia, the SexGen Cuddle Rug, which boasts in itsadvertisement “8 Anim sets, MF & FF”:

Apparently, the virtualknock-off snogging platforms often fail to function up to the highvirtual standards of an Eros virtual shagging session, thus causingharm to the company's virtual (or is it real?) reputation.

Now, call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the old version of sumpin'-sumpin' that requires no code.