Counterfeit Drugs Project Moves Forward

Published: August 21st, 2010
Each year I teach an online elective at the University of Waterloo on Project Management which has the students work together online on a real life project for NetHope, in our online Masters in Management Sciences in the Management of Technology. This year's project had the students look at solutions for counterfeit prescription drugs in less developed countries, a problem estimated to kill millions each year when they either fail to get the correct medication or get medication that harms them. The students completed their evaluation of possible solutions and recommendations for implementation which have now been taken forward as reported by MSNBC, Fox News and ABC News
The solution has consumers text a code to a central server and they receive a message back saying whether the drugs are OK. It's great to see that this project is moving forward and that there is the potential for many lives to be saved.
PS. Now it has been covered by CTV News – seems to be attracting more interest. 

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