Conservatives release election platform

Published: October 7th, 2008

Our online poll continues to suggest our readership is firmly in the Conservative court. Though support may be eroding in the general public polls, the Conservatives are holding steady among IT World readers at 47 per cent. The Liberals are gaining ground, now up to 26 per cent support, most of that coming at the expense of “None of the above.” (Ah, and we had such high hopes for NOTA …) The NDP and Greens are also holding steady at 11 and nine per cent, respectively.

It’s considerably more Conservative-skewed than general polls suggest. DemocraticSpace, as I type this, is showing 35 per cent support for the Conservatives to the Liberals’ 25. Why the convincing support from out IT audience — especially considering the party didn’t present an official platform until this morning?

It comes down to business, of course. “I don’t think there’s anything specific to IT in the Conservative’s platform,” notes reader Michel. “But

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