CNN employee Chez Pazienza, a producer with American Morning, was recently fired by his employers for his blog, Deus Ex Malcontent.

Surprisingly, however, the blog didn’t feature anything about where he worked or his job, nor did it feature racy photos, extremist rants, or even pop-up ads. Said the Huffington Post entry: “[My boss], seeming to channel Bill Lumburgh from Office Space, informed me of that which I was already very well aware: that my name was ‘attached to some, uh, “opinionated” blog posts’ circulating around the Internet. I casually admitted as much and was then informed of something I didn’t know: that I could be fired outright for this offense. 24 hours later, I was.”

The company apparently has a cuddly policy of vetting anything written for a non-CNN outlet, and, just in case their employees aren’t forthcoming, an internal team constantly trolls the ‘Net for any hints of such.

Nothing like a warm hug from management, eh?

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