So the last post I wrote on Cheap internet marketing and generatingamazing ROI with tools such as google adwords seemed to pull well onthe social bookmarking sites so I decided to write another one in moredetail.

Aside from PPC such as google adwords, msn adcenter and yahoo publishernetwork there are many other great cheap options to get a quick returnon your investment (ROI). Some of my favourites are affiliate networkswhich are mainly used if you are selling a product.

I mainly provide custom ERP solutions but also have a few out of thebox product applications that I have built and sell to variouscustomers. When it comes to marketing these type of applications I lookto affiliate marketplace programs such a Commission Junction and caneven create my own affiliate program buy buying a software package andservice if I’m able to find my own affiliates.

Affiliates are like online sales people and the way an affiliateprogram such as Commission Junction(CJ) works is when you have aproduct, then CJ will offer its thousands of online affiliates a chanceto market your products for a percentage. Therefore, an affiliate couldsend thousands of potential customers to your site, but you only paywhen there is an actual sale, also known as PPS (pay per sale). Forexample, If I purchased keywords using a PPC model (Google Adwords)like ‘RFID,EDI,ASN,AS2 Consultingto help get potential customers to my website and ideally contact me, Icould be paying for 100 clicks a day at an average 2$ per click whichis 200$ and find out that I close one of 300 clicks to my site whichhas a cost of 600$.

However, if I used a PPS model(CJ) then I could give affiliates a 5%commission, so if they don’t bring me any direct sales then it doesn’tcost me anything and if they bring me a 1000$ software purchase, theyautomatically get 50$ which is much cheaper than PPC in this case.

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