A few months ago I was told about pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter. These programs allow businesses to handle their own online marketing campaigns for quite cheap and potentially great return on investment.

The best thing about these online pay per click advertising programs are that they only charge you per click helping to increase your chances of acquiring a potential client. However, there are some negative scenarios I have recently encountered. One being click fraud and the reality that competitors and web robots are out there ready to click your ads.

Another scenario that seems to be bothersome is since this pay per click advertising is becoming more popular day by day, in demand IT keywords such as RFID, IT Consulting, Websphere consulting are as high as 10$ per click and as we all know, you can get upto 500 clicks without a prospect client closing which would cost 5000$ for the effort. This can be a high amount for a small new firm.