Certified to store things virtually

Published: September 27th, 2007

vmware.jpgVMWare has branched out into storage virtualization certification, which is one of the few areas in the enterprise that isn’t getting as much attention in terms of technology to create a pool of storage resources.

I remember writing about storage virtualization before I really understood what I was talking about, and I suspect that many companies don’t have the skill sets to do this properly, so perhaps certification will help. On the other hand, this is going to have to be a fairly major focus of a business before they’ll invest the time and money in getting their network admins storage virtualization-certified.

As with Cisco’s certifications, VMware is ensuring it remains front of mind on key network technologies, although if Microsoft or Citrix moves into the storage virtualization space, specific certifications may become less valuable than something that, for example, the Storage Networking Industry Association might provide. Fodder for next year’s StorageWorld conference, perhaps.

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