Redline Communications Inc. of Markham, Ont. has announced its RedMAX4C SC-100e base station, which is based on mobile WiMAX. The firm plansto demonstrate the product, which meets the Institute of Electrical andElectronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.16e-2005 standard, at 4G World inChicago next week.

Redline manufactures fixed wireless hardwareand lately has specialized in Wireless Interoperability for MicrowaveAccess (WiMAX), a non-line-of-sight wireless technology that letscarriers and institutions run broadband networks over wide areas.

Earlierthis year, HydroOne chose Redline’s products for its Advanced MeteringInfrastructure (AMI) program. Hydro One distributeselectricity from Ontario Power Generation plants to municipalutilities, major industrial customers plus 1.3 million residents.

TheRedMAX 4C SC-100e is also designed for utilities, though target marketsinclude telecom carriers and companies in the oil and gas industry.Redline said the base station can let utilities automate powerdistribution, monitor smart home applications and dispatch fieldservice staff.

It supports up to three radios using up to three frequencies in one rack unit and supports coverage indoors and outdoors.