As its slogan once said, there’s a lot more to Canadian Tire than tires. There’s also content management.

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a roundtable as part of a series we’re doing with Microsoft, this time focusing on its SharePoint product and how organizations are using it. We had ran an advertising feature on Canadian Tire, and we invited their VP to join us by phone while I sat with a SharePoint solution provider and a Microsoft exec. Although this Webcast was sponsored by Microsoft I was feel to ask whatever questions I wanted, and the answers were by no means scripted.

This is a pretty in-depth discussion (about an hour long) of how you can use SharePoint to succeed where your corporate intranet may have failed. We talk about the people issues around getting participation, rules for what goes on SharePoint and the increasingly vexing problem of managing SharePoint implementations from an IT perspective, even if the IT department wasn’t part of the original deployment:

Watch the Webcast replay here. Registration required. Enjoy.

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