My colleague Doni in circulation recently got the kind ofuser-generated content money can’t buy: accolades from our communityabout their commitment to our print publications.

As self-serving as reprinting these will no doubt seem, I think thedeath of many newspapers and accepted wisdom about the supremacy ofonline occasionally needs to be countered. There is still more than onemedium, and we need to listen to those who want to be served by themall. Feel free to add your comments to these. And thanks to all of youwho offered your support.

With online becoming such a predominant source of information, we werecurious as to why such a high number of readers are still requesting toreceive our print products. So we decided to ask them.
We conducted a survey and were surprised by the enthusiastic response.Here are some of the comments readers provided about our printedmagazines – and why they still enjoy and value them.

“It is still the only truly “go anywhere” media!” Dave Dunham, Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc

“It’s instant on!” Patrick Tang, coreFusion Inc.

“I can exercise my body while reading the IT Magazine, and at the same time exercise my mind.”
– Robert Boulay, Contact Cabling Systems Inc.

“I like the tactical feeling of reading a printed newspaper ormagazine. If I need to look up something specific, I go online.Otherwise, I like print.”
– Glenn Kamide, CIO, Lions Gate Industries Inc.

“Because they are readily available in the home bathroom…the only spare time I have anymore.”
– Bill Marriott, Bell Canada

“When I’m online, I’m working. The printed magazine gives me a chance to read at home, at my leisure.”
– Fakhrul Husainy, Network Administrator, Ontario Lottery & Gaming

“Print works everywhere – in subways, elevators, trains, planes and automobiles.”
– BC, Consultant

“When device resolutions exceed print resolutions, when devices canbe folded and kept in knap-sacks for quick reading, when devices can bekept by your bedside, and (most importantly) when cross-referencesbecomes as easy as with printed versions, then I’ll rely on the web.”
– Anonymous

“It’s light, portable and I sometimes read interesting print articles I might not choose online.”
– RS, Ontario College of Art & Design

“I like reading print as I just need a break from looking at a computer screen for information!”
-– EB, Bell Mobility

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