CABLExpress has released its Skinny-Trunk Solution, a high-density cabling system to help bring order to data centres. The package includes Skinny-Trunks (fiber trunk assemblies), the Z-Mount, Skinny-Trunk Harnesses, H-Series Enclosures and Skinny-Trunk Fiber Jumpers.

The Skinny-Trunk Z-Mount is a universal mount, metal bracket with angled MTP couplers that attaches to the outside of any standard rack or cabinet. Skinny-Trunk fiber-optic trunking cables snap into the back of the bracket and a Skinny-Trunk Harness plugs into the front, therefore eliminating the need to utilize an additional enclosure inside the rack. This reduces the use of vertical rack space, saving room for future expansion. For large switches, the combination of the Skinny-Trunk Z-Mount and Skinny-Trunk Harness also eliminates the need to attach fiber jumpers to a patch panel. Skinny-Trunk Fiber Jumpers are still available for smaller switches.

The Skinny-Trunk Harness features customized, pre-engineered, staggered lengths that meet the specifications of high-density switches from Brocade Communications Systems Inc., Cisco Systems Inc. and manufacturers. The MTP breakout legs on the Harness vary in length and plug into the angled Z-Mount bracket, which reduces bend radius and insertion loss.The MTP breakout legs on a Skinny-Trunk and a Skinny-Trunk Harness are only 3 mm in diameter, which reduces cable congestion compared to breakout legs that are typically 5-6 mm.

All Skinny-Trunk products carry a lifetime guarantee, and the H-series Enclosures have a five-year warranty.

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