Breaking News In America

Published: July 19th, 2010
Breaking News In America

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 Due to Public Outcry, Coast Guard Rescinds Ban of Reporters and Photographers from Oil Spill, You Are Not Authorized to See These Pictures of the Oil Spill, Citizen … Do Not Look!, Godfather or Consigliere?, BP deliberately sinks oil with Corexit as cover up, Photographer Briefly Detained by Police Near BP’s Texas City Refinery, Bush Policies’ Oil Disaster: Gusher Stopped Today for First Time Since Explosion in April, “Only An Expert Can Deal With The Problem”, BP Paying Off Universities And Gulf Scientists In Mass To Hide Oil Spill Research Data, Exclusive Gulf Oil Spill Documentary – grassroots factfinding, The United States of British Petroleum, BP Gulf Oil Disaster: “Hell Has Come to South Louisiana”, and BP Transparency.

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