BPM: It’s about managing change

Published: October 5th, 2010

So we come back to the premise of this article: BPM and BRM are all about managing change, as fast as the change in your business. The advantages of un-freezing your Processes and letting them run under the guidance of Business Rules is clear.

Is this enough automation for managing all change in a business? I believe I can safely predict, No. Use of BPMS and BRMS today extracts common parts of running a business, just as DBMS did before them, to make change easier to manage; but let us remember that many decades ago, everything in a business was automated in Code. As the decades have progressed, less and less Code has been required as management systems have generalized and automated more and more of business operations. We can reasonably expect this trend to continue in the future, but its speed and acceleration will depend on the willingness of organizations to take advantage of the automation advances already available to them now; in fact, those who linger in the frozen past for much longer may not be around when the future arrives.

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