When something in the enterprise takes too long or generates errors, costs often start to go up. So do tempers, and when the finger-pointing begins the problem usually comes down to the way in which people are working.
That was the opening line for the invite to a recent series of events we hosted in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary called From Conflict to Censenus: How IT leaders get things done. The focus was on business process management, which we know continues to be an ongoing challenge for so many people in our audience. As we talked to various event attendees we asked them their biggest BPM pain points, and gathered a small poll of about 40, the results of which are presented below. 

Overall, Canadian IT professionals rate their capabilities around BPM fairly highly based on this feedback, although the biggest challenge is still around KPIs. More interesting is that lowest score – why aren’t more people using automation to reduce downtime? Is it that they aren’t experiencing downtime or that they don’t believe the tools out there are up to the job? With so many vendors focusing in data centre automation it’s funny that customers don’t seem as focused there.

Do you or your Organization face any of the following challenges (Check all that may apply)

Work processes which are not fully understood or lacking KPI’s (Key performance Indicators)


Need to reduce costs (i.e. monitoring) by streamlining operations


Need to reduce downtime through automation


Inability to quickly exploit business opportunities through sensing and responding to patterns of business activity and to deploy new business services/applications


Inability to deploy information and application assets across the organization without having to worry about the underlying IT infrastructure


Cannot ‘see’ into processes which hampers management of the business


What about you? Where would your results be in this poll?