If you needed any more convincing that Bing.com was here to stay, well today’s announced partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft will do it for you.

 <a href="http://bing.com/" title="http://Bing.
” target=”_blank”>Bing.com will be here for the long run and it will compete against Google.I think those are two safe assumptions. However, you will not seeGoogle senior executive’s shaking in their boots with fear from thisarrangement.

Google has from all indications more than 70 per cent market shareand that is a lot for any competitor to overcome. The other thing theyhave is people use their brand in everyday speak. For example, whenyour pals think Laura Secord is famous for chocolates instead of being a heroine of the War of 1812 you tell them that “Google is  your friend.”

Bing has that kind of name recognition potential. I can see peoplesaying: “Well, why don’t you Bing it to see.” That’s going to take sometime. What Microsoft has in its favour are the 640,000 plus solutionproviders that make up its channel ecosystem. This large base is veryloyal and they pretty much discount every thing else and yes that doesinclude Google.

I was at the recently concluded Microsoft Worldwide PartnerConference in New Orleans and Bing was all over the place. Microsoftdid a great job of creating awareness for it. Many, many partners andother influencers started talking about it. Even on the streets of NewOrleans people were asking conference attendees what is Bing?

If Microsoft can leverage this large base of organizations then they can make a dent into Google’s marketshare dominance.

Today’s deal with Yahoo is further indication that Bing.com is a solid platform.

One quick hit before I go. GigaSpaces has appointed Zeev Bikowsky as its new CEO. GigaSpace is well known for its XAP software platform.