I had no idea how much work creating a highlights reel involves.
After hosting a series of roundtable discussions about Microsoft technology with its executives, partners and customers over the last six months we decided to end things off with a “best-of” compilation that looked at the most important insights we gathered from each of our guests. This meant poring through some five hours' worth of footage, but that's what being an editor is all about, I suppose. The half-hour clip is below. Please note, once again, that while Microsoft sponsored these discussions these were not scripted conversations; the conversations were freewheeling and I could ask pretty much whatever I wanted. I tried to steer things to areas that I thought were of the highest importance to Canadian IT managers.
Also, in case you missed it, we conducted a live chat session for those who had seen the video beforehand. If you'd like to tour through the Q&A, just check out the main “Because it's Everybody's Business” page we created. And thanks for all of those who tuned in to these Webcasts.

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