Unscientific surveys are the bane of journalism, but they can serve to stimulate debate. In that light I pass on to you the results of a survey of those who bothered to answer questions at Network Instruments' booth at Interop Las Vegas this week. 
Of 95 respondants identified as network engineers, IT managers and executives, 81 per cent said their organization has deployed at least one form of video conferencing, NI said in a news release. Sixy-two per cent used desktop video, 42 per cent used standard video conferencing and 24 per cent used telepresence. Users estimated VC consumes on average 20 per cent of their organization's bandwidth.
Nearly half  said their biggest challenges to improving VC performance are allocating and monitoring bandwidth. Thirty-eight per cent said they lacked tools and metrics to monitor video conferencing, while 28 per cent said lack of user knowledge was the biggest challenge.
Admittedly, this is a low sample, but I'd like to hear from you about your organization's experience. Just post a comment below.

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