I’m still shaking my head…can I stop now? Do I win? Apple needs tomake a withdrawl “big time” from the Public GoodWill Bank for this one. Shake the baby to stop crying…who was behind this gaff? 

Shaken, Not Stirred, Quiets The Baby – In the tasteless category

You can get the full story on macworld - or probably just about everywhere by the end of the day. 

An app that was clearly created to generate controversy, where thequestion being asked this morning is “How the heck did this getapproved, and who approved it?”  You have to believe that “someone” istaking the fall for this one…and there’s likely a lot more still tocome.  And then the conspiracy theories will come out.  Was this aMicrosoft funded “plant”? Or Palm? Or Rim?

Who would stand the most to win from this “fumble”? Clearly we know which brand is in the loss column.  What a coincidence that I posted last night in myIPhone Still King category you should never just wound a King but make sure you “kill” (in the metaphorical sense) them. 

Is this a flesh wound for Apple? Or a sign of more “wounds” tocome.  After all, when you are “the King”, you need to keep yourfriends close, and your enemies closer…