Are you a Twit?

Are you a Twit?

Published: March 5th, 2009

If I had a quarter for every time someone asked: “Sharky — should I Twitter?” well, I'd at least have a shiny new quarter.

But rather than diagnose on a case-by-case basis whether the legions of you out there should be microblogging, we offer this screening test. Take the following quiz:

1) Do you have anything remotely interesting to say: a) Yes; b) No; c)

If you answered a), b) or c), you should be Twittering. Whether you have anything interesting or not to say appears to be immaterial, based on the following celebrity tweets catalogued recently by The Associated Press (yes, they Twitter).

Lance Armstrong, million-time Tour de France winning cyclist: “Heading out for a ride.” (Staggering insight into Lance's personality, wouldn't you say?)

Demi Moore, one-time star, now professionally married to Ashton Kutcher: “We are watching True Lies but MrK fell asleep again.” (As did I, remarkably, halfway through this tweet.)

Ashton Kutcher, boy toy of the above: “this just in demi doesn't pee or poop or fart … ever.” (Yeah, well at least she capitalizes on occasion.)

By the way, since, in terms of raw insight, we at Shark Tales are apparently heavyweights compared to these celeb Twits, we'll be Twittering soon ourselves. Follow us @SharkTales.

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