Are we past the period of “Agile vs. Traditional”arguments?

Using Twitter and various industry newsletters, I try to keep up on the state of systems delivery methodologies and techniques (or whatever noun you like to describe these things). For a long time in the first decade of this century, you could hardly go a day without someone weighing in on the “Agile vs. Traditional”topic; in the early days, it got quite emotional and vitriolic at times. The debates and discussions got more civilized over time, and now I see little or no debate.

So, did Agile “win”? Or has it been absorbed into some new overall way of doing things? I still see many articles on Agile, but they seem to be more on how to make it work rather than why you should use it.

Let me propose this “new way” as follows: we need to move our focus from agile systems development to developing agile systems. Thoughts?

David Wright

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