Apple is on the clock

Published: July 29th, 2009

Apple’s time is running out, according to iPhone hacker Charlie Miller.


Aboutsix weeks ago, Miller reported a vulnerability to the company which hesaid could let hackers take over a user’s iPhone simply by sending atext message. What makes the bug even more dangerous is that all hackerneeds is the iPhone’s number and they will not require the user toclick on anything.


Afterhacking into the device, the remote attacker can dial the phone, launchthe Web browser and use any applications they want. The only warning auser will get is an SMS message containing a single square character,which Miller said should prompt a user to quickly shut down their phone.


Miller,an analyst at Baltimore, Md.-based Independent Security Evaluators,will tell the world exactly how they can use the hack at the Black Hatcyber security conference on Thursday.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Apple has not made any public statements on the attack or issued a software fix as of yet.


Idon’t even have an iPhone and I’m scared at what this type of an attackcan do. Come on Apple, instead of wasting your time on building thatgiant iPod (aka, the heavily rumoured iTablet), hurry up and fix yourflagship device.

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