AOL makes a boatload offloading patents

Published: April 9th, 2012

First, I'll answer your obvious question. Yes, AOL – America Online – is still a company. In fact, it's a company that just took in US$1.06 billion by selling off patents to Microsoft.

But, you might ask, with those 800 patents gone, what is left? Well, surprisingly, the online media company, and former provider, is still sitting on 300 patents worth of tech. AND, it's signing a licensing agreement to continue using tech from the 800 patents Microsoft bought.
The move is purportedly in service of its shareholders as most of the income will be distributed among them.
According to Tim Armstong, CEO and chairman of AOL's board, “The agreement with Microsoft represents the culmination of a robust auction process for our patent portfolio.”
Original article: AOL raises $1.06-billion cash from sale of 800 patents to Microsoft (Globe and Mail Technology)