golf-ball.jpgRIM’s BlackBerry is a great little device, but wouldn’t it be great if senior managers actually liked to use it? It’s too bad adoption has been such an uphill battle.

But wait! Thanks to further Canadian innovation, the BlackBerry can now change the way you work AND play! That’s right, kids: A London, Ont.-based company called Itinerant Software is offering up Greenfinder, a $35 per year service that can help golfers find a local course by providing a list of golf courses within a 30-kilometre radius. Once a golf course is chosen, GreenFinder will even provide driving directions to the course. And for an extra $50 bucks, Mike Lazaridis will even caddy for you! (Okay, that last part isn’t true, but only because Lazaridis would have to do some serious working out before he could lug clubs around all day long.)