Angel Inc. has added a number of new capabilities to its software-as-a-service enterprise communications platform, along with what the company says is an improved interface. The changes mean the company is now targeting large enterprises in addition to small to mid-size companies it has been going after so far.
Angel 4, which integrates with corporate customer relationship management applications and databases, is a Web-based service for call centres.
In the latest version, the creators have added
–so-called voice biometrics, which is the ability for the system to recognize a caller's voice. It can be used for a “voice signature” on options selected by a caller, for example;
–full computer telephony integration (CTI), so a wide range of customer information can be presented to a call centre agent;
–a phone payment system, which integrated with Pay Pal and major credit card systems;
–improved voice-to-text transcription, letting callers bypass an agent to change database items like addresses;
–SMS texting, which can be used to send messages or surveys to customers;
–online chat between agents and callers.
Don Keane, Angel's vice-president of marketing and products, said the company has also changed its name from to Angel Inc. The company has also changed its pricing from pay per minute to pay per feature, so buyers won't be forking out for capabilities they don't use.
Angel Inc. is a subsidiary of MicroStrategy Inc. of McLean, Va.

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