Android app: Battery Percentage Trial

Published: October 1st, 2009



Developer: Seize Command

Price: Free

The selling point of this useless app is that it puts the battery percentage of your phone into your Android status bar. Without the app, the developers assume you will be confused as to whether that flashing red battery sign actually means that your phone is running out of power. The Android phone I used did give a notification when there was 10 per cent battery life left, which I felt was an accurate enough indicator. But if you must get one of these battery percentage widgets, let it be known that this one isn’t the most useful. While it accurately displays the battery percentage as advertised, it also drains your battery in the process. Any noticeable battery drain is unacceptable and I definitely saw that with this app. The trial version available in Canada only gives you five days with the widget. If you lived elsewhere, you would be able to waste US$1 on the app.

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