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This is a series of posts, if you haven’t read the earlier ones, please read it here.
Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Client and Primary Sponsor Introduction

Introduce the Client’s Project Management Office

Next, introduce the client’s Project Management Office. Include everyone who will help manage the project (or elements within the project). Introduce the project manager from the client’s side—as well as any committee members, principal stakeholders, etc, and what functions they will be performing in the project.

This is when there will be a little more detailed introduction of some of the functions that the principal stakeholders perform in the company, and in the project.

About the Author

arun_nith_blog.jpgArun Nithyanandam is a Strategy and Management Consultant based in Silicon Valley. Arun has managed multiple multi-million dollar IT projects in US and Europe across verticals. His current focus areas are Enterprise Contract Management Systems (deploying Nextance proposal-to-revenue and source-to-savings solutions to help companies improve financial performance and lower risk) and Enterprise Content Management Systems. Arun works with CIGNEX Technologies, a provider of Open Source based enterprise content management solutions.

During his spare time (if any) Arun enjoys hiking and reading.

Arun is currently working on a book (co-authored with Bill Sherman) code named “Managing Multi-million dollar projects” to be published in 2008.

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