Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray Cos. thinks a new iPhone is in the process of being developed. But this isn't your standard – “it's been about long enough for another phone – type of prediction.
According to Munster, Qualcomm Inc. – who are believed to be supplying chips for the new handset – have announced having trouble meeting demand for what is believed to be the new device. That, and it would be the prefect time to inject some life into the iPhone's sales which have dropped as of late.
And while the success of the iPhone 4S has been driven in part in the U.S. by an erroneous “4G” symbol added to AT&T iPhones, there isn't really an LTE iPhone on the market. Likely, Apple are busy making the iPhone 5 work, whatever the reasoning, and will launch it to the public at the peak time consumers will start needing 4G.
For now, however, this is all conjecture and Apple is sitting pretty in the mobile space. Without 4G to push it – and with the relatively slow competition Android and Windows Phone have pushed recently – it's not surprising that Apple has focsued on the tablet race before revisiting an already successful handset.
Original article: Apple iPhone 5 coming in October: analyst (FP Tech Desk)

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