An expensive way to download movies

Published: December 13th, 2007

bell.jpgBefore you purchase something, read the entire agreement and not just the advertising slogan. Carefully.

Does this piece of advice insult your intelligence?

Well, not everyone seems to get this concept, especially Piotr Staniaszek, a Bell Mobility customer who was recently billed about $85,000 for using his data plan for less than two months. According to recent published reports (that’s our euphemism for plagiarizing the mainstream media), Mr. Staniaszek thought he was only paying $10 per month to use his cell phone as a modem for his PC, not realizing that maybe there was maybe some kind of a catch to it.

The Globe and Mail reports Bell Mobility reduced his bill to about $2,000, to match the best deal he could have gotten for the amount of content he downloaded.

The National Post quoted a Bell spokesperson as saying Staniaszek downloaded “the equivalent” of ten high-resolution movies during the month.

Will someone please send Staniaszek a few non-pirated DVDs in the mail, so he doesn’t keep racking up five-figure cell phone bills?

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