An actual look inside a Foxconn plant

Published: April 12th, 2012
For the first time, official video has been released by Apple that shows the inner workings of one of the worst kept secrets in the companies history; the iPad and iPhone making factories owned by Foxconn.
If you click through you can watch video that has been uploaded to YouTube by Marketplace, in which Rob Schmitz – a reporter – shows some footage of around and inside the facility.
That being said, this isn't exactly unedted hidden camera footage. It's most certainly been pored over, edited and approved by Apple HQ to make sure it's not particularly damning.
Which means it doesn't really confirm much of what Mike Daisey made up a couple of months ago.
But after all of that negativity, how about the positive side? With all of the public interest in Foxconn and Apple's turning a blind eye to the working conditions at its manufacturing plants, a certain degree of change has to be occurring. While it's easy to augment footage and shoot from the nicest side, you can't hide everything and the longer this story plays, the more Apple is going to have to show what's actually going on there.
Basically, changes are afoot whether they're intentional or just in reaction to bad publicity but it's good to know it's happening nonetheless.

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