Amazon Powered Tivo HD Downloads

Amazon Powered Tivo HD Downloads

In a world where content is King,  it appears as ifAmazon is looking to climb to the top of “video content mountain” – alofty height that even Google has been able to reach, despite it’sincreadible “viral” sucess with Search. 

I think we’re actually starting to get spoiled – these announcementsare hitting the blogosphere fast and furious these days, and it seems -at least to me – that we’re starting to get a little spoiled. Imean think about it.  Now, we can get High Definition movies rented for$3.99 – $4.99, and TV Shows for a mere $2.99.  In this economy, that’sa deal.  Sorry Netflix and BlockBuster, online is where it is AT….

HD On Tivo Courtesy of Amazon Video

From an entertainment dollar perspective great – this is a pureconsumer play, and consumers, just like companies, are taking a closelook at their discretionary spend, and how to carve that back a bit. And it’s even a GREEN thing to do – digital copies vs. CD/DVD/HD Discsand Jewel cases…

Now if only we could get this in Canada….!