Akamai Technologies, Inc. said its Media Delivery solution for contentproviders now supports variable bit rate streaming support for live andhigh quality video content on the iPhone and iPod touch. Variable bitrate streaming was a key feature delivered in the recent iPhone 3.0update. Akamai said the new capability expands it's ability to provideconsumers with the highest quality video streaming experience on theiriPhone or iPod touch. To show off the new solution, Akamai createdthe iPhone 3.0 VideoShowcase. Content owners and publishers including CBC-TV,Discovery Channel, FOX News, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, MTV, NPR,Turner Sports and USA TODAY are participating inthe showcase site. Inlet Technologies’ Armada and Spinnaker solutionsare being used to encode the VOD and live experiences on the site.Akamai has also developed a whitepaper, entitled “Streaming to the iPhone 3.0 – BestPractices” for customers. Variable bit rate streaming overHTTP enables a high viewing experience at any bit rate, faster videostart up times and reduced video buffering.

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