An ongoing frustration for Android users continues to be theslow rollout of Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) updates for devices. Butthat frustration is nearly over for users of Acer’s popular Iconia Tab line oftablets, who are about to feel the love for this sweet treat in the upcoming week.

While the A200 tablets have access to Ice Cream Sandwich fora short bit, that ICS update will now be rolling out to those with the A100 andA500 tablets already in hand. The update is scheduled to hit tablets startingon April 27, though Canadian users of the A100 will have to wait until May 3.

When the update is available, you should automatically get anotification that it’s ready for you to download.

If you think you may have missed an update, no matter whatdevice you’re on, you can check to see if your tablet is ready for an upgradeby hitting up the Settings app, checking the “About Tablet” option (or “Aboutphone” if you’re on a phone), tapping on “system update” and choosing “checknow”.

If there’s an update ready to download it’ll let you know.If you’re still between updates you’ll see a message saying “Your device is upto date.”

If you’re unsure as to whether your device is scheduled toreceive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich (or think you may have already missedit) you can also head over to this blog post at which iskeeping track of which Android devices have gotten the update, or are scheduledto get the update.