The greatest piece of IT-related news this week could be Plano, Tx.-based NeXploreCorp.’s appointment of action star Steven Seagal to its board of advisors.

Besides being a world famous marital artist, Seagal is ablues musician, an animal rights activist, an energy drink proprietor, and a deputy chief in Louisiana.Because of those diverse creditionals, it’s not a stretch to think that Seagalmight know a thing or two about NeXplore’s products — which include a Web 2.0search engine, a Web-based operating system, and online office applications.

In fact, the press release for this monumental announcementfeatures a few words from the man himself.

“NeXplore is more than just a great search engine. It's anaction engine,” Seagal said. “It is the place to go online to find things fast,get things done quickly and review multi-media files such as photos, songs andvideos. It is very interactive and visual, most definitely a next-generationsearch tool.”

Seagal will join Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott on theNeXplore board.

Apparently this news hasn’t reached Wall Street yet because when it does its stock price is headed through the roof.