If you’ve been on the hunt for some new games for yourAndroid device, but you’re worried that you’re just not donating enough moneyto charity, you don’t have to make the tough choice about where your moneygoes: just buy the Humble Bundle 2.

This is the second bundle available for Android – there havebeen a few bundles like this for other platforms before, including the Mac –and it follows the same basic principle as before. The Humble Bundle forAndroid 2 is strictly a “pay what you can” affair, which means if you can’tdonate much, you can still participate. Either way, a portion of your donationgoes to charity (the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play) and youcan use a slider to determine how large or small a portion that is. Both areworthy causes, so it’s worth taking part even if you’re not a huge gamer.

There are five games available in the bundle, all makingtheir Android debut: Avadon (a fantasy-based RPG), Cogs (3D puzzle), Zen Bound 2(spatial puzzle), Canabalt (arcade-style platformer), and Swords & Soldiers(side-scrolling strategy).

An interesting twist: if you buy the bundle, you don’t justget the games for your Android device…you can actually also play them on yourLinux box, your Windows machine, or even your Mac. You can download themdirectly as DRM-free games, or unlock them using your Steam account. Plus, youget soundtracks for all of them.

One interesting note is that the bottom of the Humble Bundlepage has a running tally of not only how many bundles have been sold, but theaverage sale price, broken down by platform of the purchaser. As I write this,the average price for all purchases is $6.12, and that total is being pulleddown substantially by the, uh…thrifty folks using Windows and, to a lessextent, Mac. (That sounds much better than cheapskates, no?) The folks on theLinux platform, curiously the group that gets their operating system for free,are spending far more generously. You gonna let this stand, Windows folks? There are thirteen days left to get humble and support a good cause.



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