A cleaner green message

Published: July 23rd, 2007

News from across the pond that a UK environmental group has set up a forum to help IT folks navigate the morass of green-oriented messages coming from vendors is a truly positive step.

There’s no doubt that “green” is hot these days, partly because vendors have been chirping about how great they are at protecting the environment, often offering advice that conveniently fits into their corporate agendas.

As Trewin Restorick, chair of the newly minted Environmental IT Leadership Team asserts, the advice from the vendor community of matters green can be “sometimes confusing and contradictory.”

The group will look to make things easier for IT managers by publishing best practices for sustainable IT. Such a contribution to the green discussion is already overdue.

Hopefully a similar group can be established here in Canada in the near future — or perhaps there is one that hasn’t sent a release across my desk? If so let me know at genright@itworldcanada.com.

The clearer the air on this topic, the easier it will be for IT directors to make informed decisions.

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