6 Degrees of Blogging Idol

Published: June 17th, 2008

What was your reaction from friends when you told them you were on blogging idol? Did you have trouble explaining what blogging was about to people who never heard about blogs?

In the majority of cases, I found it challenging to explain in layman’s term what the contest blog was about. For those who wrote introspectively about blogging and social networking, it was in some ways an attempt to provide a static and solid definition for these “catch phrases.” It would seem that only the concepts and the framework can be defined rigidly. The non-technical implementation (save the intermittent crashes experienced over the past few days on www.blogidol.ca) of these concepts are fluid. This implementation is in reference to the content and the topics. The content has to be relevant not only for us participants, but those who visit to read what we have to say. In the same way technology doesn’t drive business needs, content delivered through any IT delivery model needs to stay relevant. The delivery model is inter-connecting all other content faster than ever. The current and future challenge is still going to be delivering relevant regardless of the technology.

On that mindset, from a business analysis perspective, who do you envision our audience on blogidol to be? Who would you want your target audience to be? How would you grow the fan base/audience? On the technology side, if blogidol was a proof of concept for IT World Canada, what technology model would you choose to deliver the content more effectively?
Side note: I tried to access blogidol on a blackberry. It was….challenging but possible.

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