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Mixed messages of telework’s future

Nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce

Wireless and weirdness prevail in Vegas

One thing everybody agrees on - Comdex ain't what it used to be. Not only were big names like IBM Corp. absent, so were the booth babes, clowns, toys and tap dancers. Everything seemed a bit off kilter.

New spins on work/life balance

By now, practically anyone you ask can name at least two or three benefits of telework. Although it's a great way to improve worker productivity, reduce company costs and decrease traffic congestion and car emissions in one fell swoop, telework doesn't suit every situation. One company, ProximateCommute, has looked beyond the home office to develop alternative and complementary solutions to "traditional" telework.

Teleworkers get VPN service

With a field full of IP Security and Secure Sockets Layer-based VPN products and services geared to teleworkers, most do little to help network executives maintain the security of their remote PCs.

Of smart bar glasses and sensual homes

"Thanks for getting back up on that horse. And thanks to the consumer," was how Trisha Parks, president of research firm Parks Associates, launched the recent seventh-annual Connections 2002 conference in Dallas

When wireless networks collide

A few weeks back, Toni Kistner raised the question whether interference with 2.4GHz cordless phones made 802.11b network technology unfit for the home office. After conducting some tests, Kistner

NetSilica debuts secure remote file access product

Chris Hastings had a problem. The manager of network security at Nashville

Nortel extends VoIP to teleworkers

Nortel Networks Corp. recently unveiled two new voice-over-IP products built specifically for enterprise teleworkers and call centre environments.

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