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Is IMS enough?

There are several missing ingredients in the IP Multimedia Subsystem standard that prevent it from providing an environment for portable applications

Where now, Yahoo?

Right now, Google is No. 1. If Yahoo wants to be No. 1, then things have to change, and you don

Content delivery networks: Does more mean less?

The growth of the Internet has created numerous technical challenges. One in particular is how to make rich Web experiences work for millions of users without terabit core networks and server farms the size of metropolitan areas being required.

Beyond the Internet

There's a growing notion out there that perhaps we need to rethink completely the thing we call the Internet.

Beyond the Internet

I don't know when it started, but it became visible a couple of years ago -- ironically, at about the same time that the 'Net neutrality debate started to gain ground. Now it may be the thing that makes that much-more-publicized concept moot. What is it? The notion that perhaps we need to rethink completely the thing we call the Internet."

Just how far can WiMax technology go?

Last month

NTP vs. RIM: A good deal for lawyers

The adage that in lawsuits the only sure winners are the lawyers is doubly true in the years-long patent battle between Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry handheld, and NTP, a company with one asset

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