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Handheld ER notification devices eliminate repeat visits

A new technology that hoped to stop unnecessary repeat visits to the emergency room (ER) has proved successful in its first few months.

Patients to manage own diseases in Ontario

Help is on the way -- via electronics -- for patient's who want to manage their chronic diseases all by themselves. The afflicted, as well as pharmacists, in Sault Ste Marie should soon be able to access relevant medical information through Group Health Centre's (GHC) electronic medical record (EMR).

Tablet PCs aim to improve patient care for Canadian docs

A lightweight tech device may be helping Canadian doctors to lighten their ever increasing workload.

Wait times fix on the way in Ontario

Ontario hospitals are in the process of rolling out a software suite that hopes to shorten wait times for key medical procedures, including cancer surgery.

Toronto services consolidated online

Existing and new services delivered by the City of Toronto are now just one click away, with more services coming online in the near future. All City services offered online have been consolidated onto one site. n

Cops track perps from coast to coast

Police in multiple jurisdictions can now track suspects in other jurisdictions through a shared computer database accessible in police cruisers.

Is Ontario Ministry of Education Class-Size Tracker substance or substandard?

Parents and guardians of children in kindergarten through grade three scan now see online how big classes at their child's school are, with the launch of The Ontario Ministry of Education's (OME) Class-Size Tracker.

Nutrition advice will soon be a click away

If you want to make sure you

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