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Wind, Telus clash over telecom foreign investment

One called for investment laws to be liberalized if Canadian financiers aren

Globalive, Telus face off on wireless

A telco executive touts the benefits of a wireless modem, but a Wind Mobile representative says the wide availability of wireless doesn

Boost business telecom competition, urges MTS chief

It's not enough to increase telecom competition for consumers, a telecommunications conference has been told. The business community needs it, too

IT leadership strategies from Machiavelli

He was the original master of politcal mind games, but a Gartner analyst thinks his approach could apply as well to CEOs and business executives as it did to kings and courtiers. We went back to the source material to put her theory to the test

Coach like a pro: Why women in IT need mentors

CATA WIT launches a program that will pair young female technology professionals with a more experienced IT leader to help their career development. Why the benefits work both ways

CATA WIT’s e-mentoring program: How it works

Pairs have the flexibility to decide how often to connect, whether or not to meet in person and the kind

Need to make a case for Green IT? Find a

The business case is there for green IT. Maintaining momentum may be the challenge

SOX moves up north

Canadian firms are now beginning to face the same compliance challenge as their U.S. counterparts a few years ago. Time to ensure they don't end up making the same mistakes, too

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