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The upside of shadow IT

There's the loss of control, of course. But more alarming is the exponential growth in the number of rapidly emerging consumer technologies, cloud services and roll-your-own apps

IT’s winning (and losing) job titles

In the intense new battle for IT jobs, those with multiple skills and broad knowledge of technologies will prevail

When IT gets to play: Skunk works projects deliver value

There's little doubt about it: the IT skunk works is making a comeback -- not so much as a place to allow experimental projects to flourish, but as an indispensable tool to breed innovatio

Talent wars: Are your IT staff getting poached?

Long-term IT workforce planning and job rotations are two of the best weapons in the battle for skilled technology professionals, say many CIOsrn

IT workers with heart

For these companies, employee volunteerism means improved collaboration and productivity on the job. Learn how your staff can get the same benefits

IT embraces its new leaner lifestyle

IT shops in all industries are approaching 2011 in the same way: They plan to vigilantly manage flat budgets and further slash already significantly reduced costs. Learn from these examples

Austerity yields new appreciation for IT

Next year's technology budgets are mostly flat, and cutting costs remains a top priority, but it's not all gloom and doom for IT.Consider these firms and their CIO's plans

There’s more to an IT career than technology

Companies like Johnson & Johnson, State Street, W.W. Grainger, General Mills and Xerox are looking to hire smart, tech-savvy, collaborative business professionals for 20- or 30-year multifaceted careers, not for IT jobs

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