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Personalized portals hit road bump

Just about every government has a Web portal providing a single point of entry into the whole...

Good Solutions come to those who wait

You don't hear much about COTS any more. It's now a given that COTS - commercial off...

The role of the post office in the digital age

Back in March 2000, Britain's then e-minister, Patricia Hewitt, and her Swedish counterpart, Mona Sahlin, signed a...

Health care without the wires

Information technology has benefited health care in many ways. It has allowed medical researchers to establish networks, share information, and create workflows in different geographic locations.

Vote without ever leaving home

Someday people will log onto a Web site, establish their identity with a password and digital signature and cast their vote in a binding election for president or parliament.

Marketing e-Government to a sceptical public

Most countries today have a defined vision of e-government and have established a lead agency, departmental champions and specific targets to improve service and efficiency.

More give and less take

Since the most common way to access the Internet is with a home computer, the price of PCs needs to fall to encourage more buyers. This is happening, with promotional offers such as cheap computers in return for online subscriptions becoming more popular and, in some places, consumers can even get a PC for free if they don't mind being constantly bombarded with online advertising. While most governments are happy to let the free market take its course, others see a need to give it a bit of a push.

Call in the Cybercops

At the same time as law enforcement agencies were tracking down the Love Bug creator, government and business leaders from the G8 industrialized nations were meeting in Paris to discuss how they could join together to face the mounting threat of cybercrime.

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