Monday, August 15, 2022

Darren Gladstone


The Carpal Tunnel survival guide

Carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI--the bane of the modern computer user--hit home for me because I spent too much time using poorly placed touchpads and seriously scrunched keyboards. But I've gleaned a thing or two about ergonomics as a result. My misery is your chance to learn

Buying a no nonsense business laptop

You want a reasonable, portable, general-purpose business laptop that will juggle spreadsheets and look decent while doing it, but you aren't trying to impress clients with the caliber of your computer, or its cost. Here's what you should know

iPhone game developer tells all

Joel Rosenberg, maker of Blocked, reveals what went into to the development of the extremely addictive and popular the iPhone puzzle game. His advice to aspiring iPhone app developers

CES: Is AMD creating a new laptop category?

Somewhere between expensive ultraportables and super cheap netbooks lies a sweet spot for laptops running on AMD's new Athlon Neo processor. The processor is a step up from Intel's Atom and a possible competitor to nVidia's Ion platform concept

IdeaPad S10 mini-notebook comes with some big-boy features

Lenovo's new micro machine houses the largest hard drive in the mini-notebook market

The mini-laptops of summer

Called mobile Internet devices (MIDs), and also known as mini-laptops, mini-notebooks, or mini-notes, these lightweight laptops are practically naked, stripped of all extraneous features

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