Exceptional Customer Experience: The New Supply Chain Management Focus


    The delivery of an exceptional customer experience is critical to an organization’s long-term success. Strong customer relationships drive revenues, future bookings, and new business. Unfortunately, mere order fulfillment no longer qualifies as providing an exceptional experience. To be successful, companies need to develop integrated, transparent, responsive, and robust supply chains that enable them to deliver goods and value-added services to their customers.

    Organizations today are competing with the shop across the street and multinational corporations around the world. These challenges, along with natural catastrophes and supply chain disruptions, put many companies at increasing risk.

    Read this new Ziff Davis white paper to discover why organizations with responsive supply chains are best positioned to handle these challenges by delivering exceptional customer experiences and creating lasting relationships that drive long-term performance. Read this guide to supply chain transformation to learn:

    • How to measure the maturity of your supply chain and identify key areas for improvement
    • About the three critical capabilities that can transform your supply chain into one that’s best-in-class, integrated, transparent, mature, responsive and robust
    • Why supply chain maturity can deliver exceptional customer experiences while achieving critical financial objectives

    White Paper – Delivering Customer Excellence: A Three-Step Approach to Supply Chain Maturity

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