Canadian e-cruiter Workopolis announced Monday it has added Internet career planning and learning tools by Calgary-based WorkNet, a developer of human resources systems and solutions to its Website.

Workopolis says that by using the confidential and personalized WorkNet system visitors can complete a personal profile and clarify their unique skills and strengths, and have a clearer sense of what they offer to prospective employers; manage their job search process itself by setting goals, creating resumes and contact letters, and researching prospects; and improve their current on-the-job performance through effective self-management and continuous learning.

Kim Peters, president of Workopolis, said that looking at job postings is just the tip of the iceberg in career management services offered by online recruiters and that by offering interactive tools such as those from WorkNet the Web site is able to enhance an individual’s effective career management.

The WorkNet programs offer more than 100 exercises, diagnostics and quizzes – a complete experience that previously would have been available only through corporate outplacement services. The WorkNet material can be accessed on for a flat fee of $39.95 for three months. is a partnership betweenGlobe Interactive and Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. and can be reached at WorkNet can be reached at