Windows 11 compatibility checker now shows more detailed results

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Users who got slapped with the “This PC can’t run Windows 11” message by Windows compatibility tool should try their luck again with Microsoft’s revised checker.

Dave Weston, Microsoft’s director of OS security, took to Twitter to announce the new version of the tool.

The new tool now pinpoints where the system failed the check.

Windows 11 system compatiblity checker being unhelpful
The old checker spits out an unhelpful message.
Windows 11 system compatiblity checker being helpful
The revised tool now lists the spec the system failed to meet.

The TPM, or trusted platform module, is a security chip that helps to establish a hardware root of trust. Windows 11 will require devices to have TPM 2.0 in order to be compatible.

But as per our previous coverage, many systems without a physical TPM can use the firmware-based TPM that runs in the main processor.

Further, Weston attributed incompatible processors as the most common reason for the failed checks. Microsoft has a posted a list of certified Intel and AMD processors for Windows 11.

In a security document, Microsoft explained that TPM 2.0, the version mandated by Windows 11, supports newer cryptographic algorithms than its predecessor and offers a more consistent experience across different implementations.

Measured Boot, BitLocker, device encryption, UEFI Secure Boot and many other Windows services all either require or support TPM.



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