Web 2.0 companies can cut data centre costs with new IBM server


IBM Corp. has introduced what it’s calling a “new category of server” to help companies running large data centres on Web 2.0 technology to cut energy costs.

iDataPlex is a new rack system designed to “replace the inefficient white-box servers commonly used by Internet companies” especially as businesses will need more powerful computing power given streaming video, online gaming and social networks spike Web traffic, the Armonk, New York-based company said.

IBM’s iDataPlex system “more than doubles” the number of systems that run in a single IBM rack and uses 40 per cent less power while increasing the amount of computing by a factor of five. The system can also be outfitted with a liquid cooled wall enabling it to run at room temperature, therefore eliminating the need for air conditioning, the company said. Costs are also minimized with the use of industry standard components and open source software.

“With iDataPlex, IBM is making Web 2.0-style computing more efficient and commercializing it for Internet companies and other high performance segments like financial services and research,” said Bill Zeitler, senior vice-president of IBM Systems and Technology Group.

Zeitler added that the new system will provide a foundation for companies on which to provide improved services to Web users.

The iDataPlex system can be made to order and be delivered to the customer already integrated and ready to run – a delivery model that should help cut costs compared to many white-box systems, IBM said.

The product will be available in North America in June, and globally by the end of 2008.


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