So you want to be a millionaire, but your fingers weren’t fast enough to land you a spot on the Canadian version of the popular television show. How about trying your finger on the slots at ( instead? All you need to do is register, and with a click of the mouse you too could be a millionaire. The site, owned and operated by Idealab, a Pasedena, Calif.-based start-up incubator, has taken branding to a new level. Its RocketSlot slot machine doesn’t sport the common cherries, berries and bars of typical slots. Rather, what you’ll be rooting for at each click are recurring advertisements. For example, three ads will net the player US$50 and three ads garner US$5. The site makes all its money from these advertisers, and players don’t have to spend a cent. Each month, awards one player US$1 million and gives away other prizes, including cash, two BMWs, six tropical vacations, 60 DVD players and diamonds. Not only that, also offers a US$2 million Progressive Super Jackpot, that grows by more than US$22,000 a day and guarantees a full pay-out at least once every three months. All that, and you don’t even need to leave home.