An Irish Internet Service Provider (ISP), UTV Internet, has launched a new e-mail client that it hopes will give companies more security as well as help in the fight against corporate e-mail spoofing.

The e-mail service, created by Palo Alto, Calif.-based Brandmail Solutions, helps UTV clients identify legitimate company e-mails by placing their brand logo in the “from” field of all out-going e-mail. E-mail recipients can now rest easy and be confident in safely opening incoming messages, UTV said.

The company also said the system will enable a greater trust from customers who are weary about unauthentic messages or notices. UTV said the increase in cyber crime and phishing scams led to the upgrade.

The Brandmail Solutions SbS2.0 Secure Branding System uses Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) to authenticate the e-mails. Vendors such as Cisco and Yahoo have helped develop DKIM to provide cryptographic security in validating the identity of the email sender as well as verifying that the email hasn’t been modified in transit.