Uber Technologies officially opened its engineering hub in Toronto on Nov. 4. 

The hub is part of the company’s investment of more than CA$200 million in Toronto, along with its self-driving vehicle R&D facility – the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) Research and Development Centre – which is conducting research in autonomous technology alongside some of the top universities of Canada, Andrew Macdonald, the senior vice-president for Uber’s operations globally, said on Twitter.

In September 2018, Uber first announced its plans to open an engineering hub in early 2019 and expand the ATG centre in Toronto, investing more than CA$200 million over five years. 

The new engineering office is focused on designing, developing, operating and continuously updating the vast infrastructure and backend systems that power the products of the company. Uber has also said that the engineering hub will generate a significant number of jobs in the country.

With this, Uber will create hundreds of new tech and engineering jobs in Canada. When combined with its local ridesharing and food delivery businesses, Uber’s overall headcount in Toronto will exceed 500 employees in the coming years,” the company said last year. 

The engineering hub will comprise of five floors wherein the company eventually plans to have more than 400 staff members, who will be performing tasks involving software engineering, data science, analytics, logistics, operations, marketing, sales and more